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China Programmer>>Cool Design

in accordance with the requirements, we have adopted the popular multi-browser compatible with javascript libraries. jquery, prototype, jquery UI framework, such as popular. Standard css, ajax technology. Of course, you can also choose to stop the construction of the entire flash or flex technology based on the cool, stunning websites.

-class search engine SEO experts, you will easily be set up in line with the search engine's Web site included. Powerful functional management background, combined with cool front. So that one of your Web site for the light. The use of css + div layout. Tailored for you. Enterprises Website for personal blog.

with a variety of ways. As you select.

the whole building Flash Point

emphasis on the visual appeal of products widely used in the company of pure Flash site
Flash dysfunction powerful through high-quality rendering Flash animation web site design to visual effects, has been advocating more and more beautiful for some industries, companies. Endless number of classic sites made. Network has not simply display the image of the platform products, but also to promote the arts of the United States and feel the Holy Land. In this regard, Europe and the United States, South Korea produced a number of examples of sites and the production level, has become the measure of our level of site design standards. In fact some companies because the industry characteristics can enjoy web site design in the performance of the ability to use Flash to display the company's unique charm and its products, for example, the design industry, real estate, space design, jewelry, apparel, software industry, etc. .
Flash interactive database access and dynamic Flash data structure
Since the database will provide a powerful Flash programming interface functions are also available in Flash to build product releases, news, messages and other forms of dynamic data system.
Flash website design and website visitors focused on the interaction capacity
Flash has a large number of internal function calls and events, using Flash's built-in language features can write complex procedures. This means that pure Flash web design has more viewers dazzling interface.
Flash website elements covered by the various levels involved in multimedia
In addition to dealing with images, sound elements, Flash is also actionable video data. Flash support for the use of third-party software, can handle three-dimensional images of various well-known use of 3D design software has a good interface, can be easily displayed in the 3D scene of the page. Therefore, customers with high-quality elements: picture, sound, video, enterprise VI program is essential for the completion of Flash web site.

FLEX-based development enterprise-class RIA applications

since the B / S structure quickly became popular, we have been faced with the question: how do the original C / S as precise control of that layer, as well as a good user experience? Of course, a lot of use of DHTML and JavaScript we can achieve close to C / S times that of the control and display layers, such as the Bindows, but we need to pay more than C / S times more human and material resources to achieve close to C / S client expressions, this is not what we want. In our initial enthusiasm from the B / S wave gradually calm down, we found that a simple thin client / fat server model is not a universal model - the world is the conservation of energy, after all, will lose something, we won the B / S benefits after the loss of the same C / S to our help, the RIA (Rich Internet Applications) the appearance of it is very natural.

What does it mean RIA extraordinary Web features a better user experience more powerful and better user interface and more advanced interactive development model is more powerful multimedia features and better data management and better control can be Adobe Flex in-house or on the Web to create and deliver rich Internet applications (RIA), can be the most complete, most powerful solution for RIA development. It enables enterprises to create personalized rich multimedia applications, which greatly enhance the user experience, fundamental changes in the interaction between man and the relationship between Web. Clients only need Flash Player, received broad support; service client: an open platform, compatible with almost all the current mainstream server technology. Whether you use the server now what is (JSP / .Net), the deployment of Flex applications can be.

system server-side: Flex Gateway + arbitrary use of a service-side technology (for example: J2EE/Servlet container); Flex Gateway will be prepared for a good source file (mxml / actionscript), compile the swf into flash format, output to client; client: We only need-based Flash platform for RIA development services FLEX, FLEX platform built to help you quickly build RIA applications.