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China Programmer>> Technology support

database design

1, the design of the structure of application systems;
2, select the application to facilitate integration of DBMS and DBMS architecture, such as the RDBMS;
3, according to the application environment to use the platform, select the appropriate DBMS (such as Oracle) and development tools (such as PB);
4, the design of databases, preparation of the SQL database schema definition process;
5, to prepare to ensure that the correct data entry user interface for database applications;
6, database data entry;
7 to run a variety of database-related applications, to identify and amend the content of the database.

website structure

javascript, css, dhtml, xml give a hypothetical multi-site technical support to the browser. As well as the optimization program. SEO optimized in line with the standards. In line with the w3c standard. Improve the site to increase the user experience and residence time to ensure that effective return rate of customers.


Whether your site is based on PHP / Mysql or. Net technology, or Jsp, as well as technology Cgi. We can effectively improve and optimize your site. To design a more humane, more scalability. Constructive suggestions will make your investment will not go down the drain.