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About China Programmer

China Programmer is a professional enterprise engaged in software development, the main business covers the Internet, multimedia, games, RIA and so on. China Software Programmer was established in 2009 and we provide high-quality global companies outsourcing software development services. Efforts to create products with the brand.

China Programmer served many well-known brands, cross-industry aviation, finance, trade and many other industries.

We have a strong development team from China, China's outstanding professional programmers. Our products are highly cost-effective. China Programmer is committed to building a full range of website development, based on the WEB at the core in order to WEB application development and service strategy for the development of business ideas, website building, website promotion, online mall, e-commerce and enterprise has accumulated mail, etc. its own unique experience and has achieved very good results. China Programmer with a stable of creative planning, project implementation and customer service support team. We are a young team, to explore, to pursue the latest technology.

China Programmer in good faith, truth-seeking to win the services of education, health care, advertising, industry groups, such as a large number of enterprises with a strong customer base strength.

China Programmer in accordance with customer needs, using the current epidemic and the sustainability of the development of new technologies. We use Ajax, Flash, Flex, such as the formation of a new generation of network system RIA experience. Strong team, has been to protect users investment. According to user requirements can be integrated to the existing investment, re-raise its value.

In the next few years, the company will remain focused on ERP software development, game development, RIA, SEO and other areas continue to develop. Providing strong services to enhance the efficiency of enterprise management.