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business focus to highlight the following: The Forum, chat, pet, pictures ringtones resources, MMS picture and DIY, custom-style interface.

From the current application of the Internet we can see that the forum is an important function of the Internet for the forum, users loyalty is very high. The development trend of mobile Internet, the forum is also a very important market. "Moon River - Angel's House" From this standpoint, mainly playing in the Forum, and other features supported by mobile phones constitute a virtual community, in the operation of the process of gradually training the user base, and ultimately become a mobile Internet users in leisure, entertainment, delivered The best place of speech.

WAP communities from the current perspective, the question of resources is one problem, the resources mentioned here refers to the resources of pictures and ring tones, even for a large number of cell phone picture of the users, he does not know how these images and other users through the Forum to share, because in addition to sending MMS, there is no way to send its own resources to the SP of the server. .

Because of the relationship between the terminals, the current WAP compare the performance of a single form, which is to attract new users to join certain obstacles. As a business-oriented youth groups. In the performance of the interface form, the use of dynamically generated image technology, allows the user a free replacement of "skin."

We offer a very innovative design for residential and pets, including room layout of their own design, will be the Secretary of pets as their own, pet competitions. Enables users to have a sense of belonging.

Of different terminals, systems rely on a huge database of mobile phones will be given of different sizes, the picture format. Expression in the form of interface to a certain extent different.

Can be expanded according to the customer interface for freedom. Provide us with the expansion of the interface is strong. Based on customer demand for .net / mssqlserver or Jsp / sqlserver, Jsp / Oracle. Guarantee to provide millions of data paging.