Online games wap phone solutions - interactive wireless system solutions

SMS interactive game is available to mobile phone users through SMS and the web portal integrated virtual online games. Suitable for ages 15-40 years old for the game lovers. Ran Bo SMS technology provided by the game platform is a web and SMS text messaging as a whole, set the interactive games, virtual communities, making friends, and information customized messages for one game platform.

With the popularity of mobile phones gradually communications technology and network technology development, the call has increasingly become the most primary functions. An increasing number of developers and service providers the Nuggets are sparing no effort, a number of "foresight" in already dug a bucket of very substantial payment, that is, cell phone games.

Mobile phone games can be divided into two major categories of games: mobile phone games curing and service providers of online games. Monternet into the ways service providers can enable networks to provide services to mobile users. For example, the way SMS and WAP.

However, through SMS and WAP games there is the issue of operators. First of all, the current SMS service provider a lot of games, SP anomalies of the competition will be fierce. SMS game cycle to only 3 months or so, but the development and testing of a game system also needs 3-4 months. How to quickly meet the needs of the market launch of the game have become a large headache for SP. The second is that the current game is too simple, there is no practical sense of the types of role-playing game. The third is that the current provider of the game are a number of small companies or studios, to provide the games are single games. Enables operators to start operations as soon as it is difficult to make the game system itself and the market can quickly interaction. Fourth, operators based on cost considerations, many businesses can not consider. For example, with the market research or marketing category received a number of interactive games SMS advertising vendors welcome, but also is able to accommodate large-scale activities such as movie premieres, concerts, merchandise and other promotional activities, but need to customize this type of game and recovery of the cost of inputs for the operator is uncertain.

Based on the above-mentioned factors, Bandung, Beijing, Bo-Ran Technology Co., Ltd. launched the first domestic wireless interconnection game platforms, the rapid development of the game, the game engine and the running game customer service management in one integrated. Operators to facilitate the operation of SMS. At the same time, however, Bo science and technology through the analysis of the characteristics of various types of games and wireless interactive features. Introduced the original XML format to describe a game. Ran Bo science and technology through the provision of off-line tool, the game plan could have written the script, their own definition of scene simulation. At the same time, upload them to the actual running of the server-side. Realized the real message of personal creativity tools portal. SMS gateway made real with the traditional Web portals have the same operating mode. ICP can be betrayed SMS server hard disk space and content to achieve the common profit of the host model.
System can use a script to generate different platform client interface has the following characteristics:

Automation platform support system is scheduled to automatically generate a variety of random events and tasks of the system;

Support for the analysis of game players;
Support for the game to use the user's personalized programs;

Support for gaming performance monitoring;
Support for custom game;
SMS tools for rapid generation of games, games to describe the circumstances of the adoption and deployment scripts;
SMS users to provide personal information management;
User model to support the division battle formation;
The management of user virtual marriage;
Multimedia messaging and WAP for the support of the game;

platform in version 2.0 add the following function, the formation of more interactive space:

Support for voice;
Support for call center;
E-mail support;
Increase in business model to increase support for the virtual store;

Once the SMS operators have such a platform can be flexible, fast all types of custom games and messaging applications. Save a lot of development time and personnel costs. At the same time, as the market can continue to promote the adjustment of the circumstances.

System Configuration

  • software platform: J2EE + Tomcat + oracle8i;
  • hardware platform: 1024K memory; 1G or more hard disk space;