SEO optimization case of an information portal to optimize the program

a web site web site positioning analysis of the letter. Positioning in the enterprise information portal of the B2B platform. For enterprises and individuals to provide corporate information and product procurement / investment platform for the dissemination of information and the latest processing cooperation, agents, business information services. II objective analysis website optimization

information website set play resulted in well-known b2b, online trading, online trading, trading market, online trading, trading information, trade opportunities, business information, supply and demand information, procurement, Buying Leads, suppliers of information, processing co-operation, the Acting business opportunities, industry information, the best platform for business services, and services through information platform to enhance Web site "web site" the influence of the brand as well as to enhance business information users in the field of "information website" brand recognition and loyalty . Brand strategy is an important link.

we think that in order to take full advantage of search driven sites influence and brand recognition, it is necessary to allow frequent site search results appear in front of the business information search for each user "attracted" to the website information up through rich content and good services to meet the information needs of users, allows users to authorized web site, and then accept the "web site." how to make websites search engine performance, so that search users more easily find us, then it should be on the Web site to conduct a comprehensive, detailed and effective search engine optimization-oriented work; in the web site after careful analysis, we believe that the need for optimization of the entire station, that is, on the channel to optimize the work of the entire area in order to improve website search engine included the number of pages at all levels, as well as the right to re-site and at the same time, we will analyze an effective strategy through a number of keywords to web pages in a reasonable layout, and ultimately enhance the number of listed words in the search engine rankings.

three, keywords analysis 1, the target user's search behavior analysis in the mainstream of Baidu and Google search engine on two surveys of the "e-commerce, B2B" and other relevant search keywords, are summarized below:

observation in the trend of user search behavior, we analyzed as follows: users at different stages of the search is different; the early stage of "e-commerce, agents, Merchants," such as the key word search for larger, at this stage, user needs to provide e-commerce information; the medium-term: Combination Key industry categories such as "market, online trading, online trading, trading information," the demand increased, at this stage, the user has the purpose of the beginning of product information in accordance with the regional ; later, "industry information, personnel recruitment, business networks, investment information, network operators," the search quantitative, and from the behavioral analysis, the more to the latter to buy tickets through the normal channels of the lower probability, therefore, the secondary ticket deal become active. Comprehensive, our optimization work apart from the overall sound, we should also focus on three periods in different directions. 2, content analysis of information Web site include: users of the business / human resources information, purchasing information, and other functions, such as the supply of information, a comprehensive analysis of the content of these messages, we summarized the types of keywords: enterprise business opportunities, personnel recruitment, procurement the supply of goods agent, in a certain place and certain goods, information, etc.; but we think that: the information content of the coverage is not enough, although to meet the basic needs of a user, but with the diverse needs of users, is still inadequate . Therefore, we use a number of strategies, such as: for different regions of the local user information, then, it had a "regional + keyword" This combination of words. Analysis of the role of content on the site should be established to identify the new content yet to be established to meet the needs of the user's search.

the above two points, we sum up the optimization of the site for several types of words:

(1). popular generic words: investment, agents, recruitment, e-commerce, business opportunities - for pre-

(2). Regional combination of words: Beijing Investment and Shanghai agent, Guangzhou, for the medium-term recruitment ......--

(3). the direct needs of the word: XX Merchants, XX Buy, transfer XX, Buy XX ...... - for the late

(4). Precision Search Keywords: a place of business, a product of the company ......

IV diagnosis website website website optimization early diagnosis is important preparatory work, only the first site to know what problems are there, do the right remedy, the rapid improvement of targeted sites.

train in a comprehensive analysis of the link channel structure, page layout, keyword distribution, web templates, we found a site search engine unfriendly to the following questions: (1). page title text is too long, lack of focus and prominent, and unable to reflect the pages contained in each of the key information;

(2). page label design of the lack of a reasonable, not be able to attract users to the point;

(3). website internal link structure is irrational, the lack of correlation between the pages, the contents of the lack of a reasonable page navigation, as well as the users do not know how to operate their superiors before they can return to the page

(4). page content most valuable unreasonable schedule, resulting in prominent advertising and information content are not prominent, and the impact of the value of users suspected of page

(5). page is not a very good deal with picture

(6). URL design problems

(7). Some features in the design process is not conducive to users and search engines (for example: website page search.asp, according to user's query words show the corresponding results, but if we do not trigger the inquiry, the search.asp should show all records)

(8). the lack of planning to export link settings

(9). the use of resources in place, not to play the main stations and other channels resources

(10). the lack of site map that is not conducive to search engine crawling of pages, included the impact of the number of pages

V. 1 enhance the user experience and optimize the user

will be sending a number of major cities to train search results provided in the form of links to the user, the user can simply click between different cities in search results switch users without having to enter the complex in search of information before ; At the same time, at all levels have a correlation between cities to enhance the "Regional + train" the ranking of these words useful. 2, to strengthen the search function

reduce the user must enter search terms above, who can always provide search results to improve customer satisfaction. 3, used to meet the needs of different users of the Internet We believe that

: Some users prefer the forum site model rather than model, so we opened the page in all search channels and Web page references in the information part of the local customers Buy / Transfer of posts to search channel exchange with the page will be linked to maximize value.

six, the whole optimization strategy and the implementation of station

1, page 2.1 page title

(1) When the city is the bj parameters, that is, Beijing users, the page title languages: Beijing Talents - Recruitment Beijing - Beijing人才网- Information site

(2) When the city is the sh parameters, that is, users in Shanghai, the written word: Shanghai personnel - Recruitment in Shanghai - Shanghai talent network - Information Site

(3) When the city when the gz parameter is that users in Guangzhou, the page title languages: Guangzhou personnel - Recruitment in Guangzhou - Guangzhou talent network - Information Site

other parameters, and so on; parameters where the instructions, the page title be modified according to the names.

2, keyword settings page supply information

1 page

the original

amended to read: Procurement | Procurement Network - to find information to make purchases at the web site at

2.3 Details of ticket information page

title design: Buy ticket / transfer ticket - origin - destination - trains - train ticket inquiries - train network - China Ticket Online

3, page optimization tags

keywords: e-commerce, b2b, trading market, online trading, online trading, trading information, trade opportunities, business information, supply and demand information, procurement, Buying Leads, suppliers of information, processing co-operation, agents, business opportunities, industry information, Careers, Business Network, investment information, network operators

description: information on the B2B Web site is a professional business information website aimed at providing e-commerce, business information, Recruitment

, as well as supply and demand information release platform for the professional business and provide professional business website services, is the world's leading enterprise portal

4, internal link structure of all the pages in the channel to add navigation links, so that inter-chain exchange between the web page

(1), with the increase in bread crumbs navigation page: Information details

page: Information Network> Information Details Information inquiries

page: Information Network> *** Information query (*** Department of dynamic display area, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou)

(2), all the pages in the channel to add the link to point to query page (page with picture links within the form of) 5, image optimization

page and all pages are added to the picture page of search results link, link these pictures to be based on actual search results page to reflect the contents of ALT text design 6, page impressions Content Optimization

(1), re-set the number of port information display section, according to different parameters indicates that more regional Key words

(2), enter the ticket information on the design of the link anchor text as: "information on the details of 7, the integration of resources

use their own resources, in the Business Forum, information channels, talents Channel Web site to add information to form the theme of enterprise information connected group 8, Link Popularity

extensive degree in the Web site link building strategy we have adopted a three

(1) Links: link exchange set up in principle and in a number of high-quality sites to exchange links to improve the site weights

(2) site co-operation: co-operation through the columns, advertising exchange, and cooperation links with small and medium-sized forums, web site co-operation to reach the link

(3) the promotion of soft-text: Published in various soft-text-related platform to increase visibility and 9 external links, site map classification produced

format and HTML format XML site map, XML format Goolge site map submitted to the page in order to speed up the crawling speed; HTML format to speed up the Google site map index page of important