Network Communications - Network planning SEO

A web analytics

1. Web site traffic analysis

install a traffic statistical systems, you can clear all of the site to determine the effectiveness of marketing tools, and also can be analyzed to:
(1) traffic statistics Rd Statistics can be clear to the annual, monthly, daily, passenger flow through the channels to the site. Can clearly determine the effectiveness of various promotional methods.
(2) Analysis of browser pages and import Site can determine that the number of pages to be more traffic and the traffic can be analyzed from that page to enter the site.
(3) geographical distribution of passenger flow a clear analysis, the site of the geographical distribution of visitors, and to chart out the various regions the proportion of Rangers.
(4) Analysis of Search Engine and Keywords Analysis through the various search engines brought about by the ratio of the flow and the flow can be analyzed through the search, what words come to the site.
(5) analysis of the client Can be analyzed using the client operating system and other information.

2. page analysis of the site

(1) page overall analysis
(2) Analysis tab page
(3) hyperlink check
(4) Browse velocity analysis
(5) Design and Analysis of the source code

3. site analysis of the use of technology and design

(1) Analysis of the current technology used reasonable
(2) site framework analysis are reasonable
(3) web site design analysis of whether there is affinity, is easier to read

4. based on analysis of network marketing

(1) Keywords Analysis
(2) Analysis of search engine registration
(3) search engine ranking analysis
(4) the relevance of exchange links
(5) Analysis of the primary means of network marketing

5. analysis of web site operators

(1) network investment analysis
(2) Web site Analysis of operators

II Website Optimizer

1. site structure optimization Web site navigation, page layout optimization
2. page tab Optimization Tags TITIEL Keywords page, About page labels, picture comments, etc. to optimize.
3. page weight compression weight loss website dedicated to the page compression software to compress the system to improve the flow speed of the page.
4. optimization hyperlink Ultra-connected structure, hyperlink Notes, super-connected path optimization
5. page content optimization Content on the main page be adjusted to optimize the layout to allow more easy to read.

III site promotion

Through a comprehensive analysis of Web site, select the network to promote ways to promote the many methods of network, the most important way is to search engine rankings. Because other methods are relatively expensive and short-term effect, but after doing a good job search engine rankings, it can bring you high-quality long-term flow. A web site traffic 80% are caused by the search engine.